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Relaxing Girls Weekend- Seattle, Washington

One of the things that I have been fortunate to do, is go on the occasional girls’ weekend trip. This past weekend, I was able to meet up with my younger sister in Seattle, Washington. She had been there before, but I was a noobie to the PNW. We only had a few days to enjoy together, so we made the most of it. This is not your, see everything and do all the things, kind of trip. Being 6 months pregnant, I wanted something a little more low key. Plus, if you don’t do it all, you get to go back and enjoy some of those other things you may have missed.

We got in on a Friday morning and left Sunday afternoon. So, quick it was, but the perfect little get-a-way! We took the light rail into the city from SEA-TAC. I used to live near Salt Lake City, and Seattle’s light rail reminded me so much of Salt Lake’s TRAX system. It was so clean, easy to navigate and budget friendly. It took the stress out of getting to the hotel from the airport.

Our first destination was our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Theodore. This was the cutest little boutique hotel right in the heart of downtown. It was the perfect destination for all of the sights we wanted to see. The Hotel Theodore has a clean, chic vibe to it. The rooms were so spacious. And the beds! The beds were easily the best hotel beds I have slept in. Each bed came equipped with several styles of pillows to fit your sleeping needs. I was truly impressed!

We decided to head down to Pike’s Place. I was expecting an outdoor farmer’s market type of area. When we got there I was surprised to find that it was an indoor market. I guess that it makes more sense to have an indoor market rather than an outdoor one when you can expect so much rain! There were so many vendors in such a small space! I loved seeing all of the fresh fruit, flower and vegetable stands. Many of the flower stands put evergreens into their bouquets- they smelled SO good!

For lunch, we ate at Beecher’s. This was one place I was really looking forward to! My sister had brought home some of the famous Flagship Cheese on one of her previous trips. This cheese is as good as they come! If a really great sharp cheddar and a really great Parmesan had a baby, it would be the Flagship cheese you find at Beecher’s. The store sells a variety of cheeses, some made in house, as well as, fresh sandwiches and of course, mac n’ cheese. I opted for the “Mariachi Mac N’ Cheese.” It did not disappoint. I’m still drooling!

Our final stop for the evening, was Ummelina Spa. Ummelina is a spa located downtown. It offers services with natural products, many of which include organic herbs. The quiet and peaceful sanctuary overlooks the bustling city below, giving you a true sense of tranquility and stillness. They offer many packages and services depending on the length of time you want to spend at the spa. I opted for the prenatal “journey” that included a prenatal massage, pedicure and facial. The journey took several hours. By the end, I felt re-centered and reconnected with myself and with my baby.

On Saturday, we ate breakfast at the Portage Bay Cafe. This farm to table eatery is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Their slogan, “eat like you give a damn,” makes you contemplate the food choices you make on the daily. Their menu boasts only ‘organic, sustainable ingredients from PNW farmers and food distributors.’ My favorite item was the hearty, whole wheat pancakes topped with berries and whipped cream from their ‘Breakfast Bar.’ They were so filling and so delicious! Definitely, a must try!

Seattle is the perfect weekend get-a-way. There are so many cute little shops to wander in and out of downtown. The water is close enough to walk to. The air is fresh and the food is great. I can’t wait to visit again.

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