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New Digs

I can  remember the night that I got the call from Tyler.  I picked up the phone and he said, “Jess, I got in.”  My initial response was, actually, to laugh.  He laughed, too.  He had gotten into one of the best schools in the nation.  How could we turn down this amazing opportunity???  We both knew that we couldn’t.  So we started prepping for the biggest move of our lives.

Our home needed a little bit of sprucing up.  We got to work.  We painted the house inside and out, updated our fireplace, got new carpet, staged our home and cleaned, cleaned, CLEANED. We put so much work into our little home in the last few months, I thought to myself, never again will I go so long without updating along the way.  I barely got to enjoy the beautiful changes that we had made.  Lessons learned from your first home.  And in a matter of months it was time.  We cried and cried some more and said goodbye to our little blue house.


When we started looking for homes in New York, the process proved difficult.  The market was slow and there were only a few candidates in our price range and in the right location.  We ended up settling on a 1960s split level home.  Let me tell you, it looked like it had not been touched since 1960.  Lime green carpet, panelling and vintage wallpaper galore, avocado and lime colored kitchen appliances.  I loved it and loathed it all at the same time.  We were going to have our hands full with this property.  But we were ready to get our hands dirty and put our hearts into it.  This was our beginning, our hello to our new blue house.


My wonderful father-in-law & our new little blue house



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